Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My first DC handbag

I love handbags and own many. Handbags have been one of the necessities of life for women. It is important to have the items that one use often close at hand. Some mandatory articles found in my handbags include purse (with cash and credit cards), iPhone 4, iPad2 and a book.

Creating my own brand handbag is my dream. This dream has came true. Presenting my very own DC handbag. What's unique about this handbag? It's edible! It's a cake! A handbag cake. 


I was excited to attend the Design-A-Handbag-Cake workshop by Sugar Inc recently. The class is being taught by Anna Chan. 

Although mine is a little wonky, I am quite pleased that I managed to finish my cake. I am amazed that it actually looks like a bag and it's purty!



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