Thursday, May 24, 2012

About MissyDalyn

Through his Outliers (book), Malcom Gladwell explains that reaching the 10,000-Hour Rule, which he considers the key to success in any field, is simply a matter of practicing a specific task that can be accomplished with 20 hours of work a week for 10 years. 

I have seen the vast improvement in the food bloggers whom I follow. Be it their creations, food photography and blogging. I know they have invested much of their time to be where they are now. Wishing to be like them isn't bringing me to my goal. 

I started taking lessons in Sugar, Inc. Anna and her team are always encouraging and patience in coaching me who know nothing about baking. 

Another memorable class is with Sharon Wee's 3D cute bear fondant decorating class. I must say Sharon is a very talented cake decorator. Knowing that I had zero experience with fondant and a new baker in the block, Sharon is very forbearing in showing me the steps. 

I am grateful for my family, friends and colleagues - they are always readily to taste my baked goods. Watching people eat my baked goods is really my favorite part of baking. The good feedback and encouragement spurs me on to discover my baking world. I can't commit 20 hours of work but to bake or cook at least once a week. 

Below are some of my works from the baking classes. Bon appetit!
Sugar, Inc's 2-tier cake fondant decorating

Sugar, Inc's Cinnamon Rolls
Sugar, Inc's cake decorating class 

Sugar, Inc's Fruit Cake
Sugar, Inc's Gingerbread Man House
Sugar, Inc's log cake
Sugar, Inc's bag decorating class
Sugar, Inc's Green Tea Macarons
Sugar, Inc's soft bread roll
3D bear fondant cake decorating class by Sharon Wee, August 2011

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